Project Duration

The project began in January 2019 and this first phase will conclude in December 2020.

Project Aims

The overriding aims of the project have been informed by and agreed with the steering group, workshop discussions and the guidance of the Parish Council.

The project has three key aims:

  • To celebrate and record the village’s community identity;
  • To build positive and lasting legacies through oral testimony, social history and community knowledge;
  • To bring diverse groups of villagers together for intergenerational story-sharing and celebratory activities.

Project Process

The project is inclusive and collaborative. The village community is already making suggestions and taking responsibility for its overall direction, development and delivery. All of the village societies have been informed of the project and a monthly Capturing Memories  Newsletter will feature in the Village Magazine. The Newsletter will invite submissions for ideas and proposals.


At the centre of the project will be a series of process-based workshops, in which participants have opportunities to engage in writing, story-telling, drama or theatre. The content and style of the workshops will be structured in relation to the project aims, participants’ ages and suggestions from individual group members.

The workshops will, initially, be available to teachers and children at Muskham School, Senior villagers, teenagers, and, ultimately, all residents of the village. In due course, groups will work together on the preparation of the final celebratory weekend in the Summer of 2020.

Project Outcomes

We are aiming to achieve the following tangible outcomes:

  • An illustrated ‘Village Book’ of recorded memories;
  • A performance that tells stories from the village over the weekend of June 20th 2020;
  • Collate a Library of publications about the village;
  • Produce a play, based on the diaries of Frances Olive Williams who was the wife of the Vicar of Muskham from 1905-1937;
  • Create a number of biographies and recorded interviews.

If you would like to be involved or to suggest people who might like to give a recorded interview, please feel free to contact any member of the Steering Group.

Steering Group

Jude Andrews            jude_m_andrews@yahoo.co.uk

Ian Harrison               harrison_ian3@sky.com

Sue Hill                     susan.iris@icloud.com

Anne Readman          anne.readman@btinternet.com

Geoff Readman          geoff.readman@btinternet.com

Dave Saxton              davesaxton@hotmail.com

Ann Webb                   ann.webb@btinternet.com